With its unique gastronomic concepts inspired by Colombia’s biodiversity, Grupo Carmen has achieved national and international recognition thanks to an impeccable selection of creative and innovative restaurants.

Founded in Medellín, Colombia, the group’s restaurants are inspired in the flavors and culinary heritage of the country offering distinct concepts that connect each menu, dish and cocktail with ingredients that celebrate Colombia’s traditions and culture.

Grupo Carmen was founded by Rob Pevitts and Carmen Angel, who began their culinary journey in San Francisco, California, where they graduated from Le Cordon Bleu together and in 2008 moved to Medellin to open Carmen Restaurant with Diego Angel, Carmen’s father.

The characteristic hospitality of Colombia comes to life at Grupo Carmen with an impeccable selection of restaurants inspired by the flavors and culture of the country.


Contemporary cuisine inspired by the flavors and traditions of Colombia where the culinary and beverage concept seek to celebrate the country’s biodiversity and rich gastronomic culture.

Located in the historic walled city, the restaurant shares its culinary concept with Carmen Medellin but vibrates with an undeniable influence of Colombian’s Caribbean coast.

As a result of the exploration, investigation and conceptualization of the country’s culinary landscape, a 13-course tasting menu becomes a journey through Colombia’s regions and biodiverse ingredients celebrating the origin and people that tell the stories of each dish.

Inspired by Colombian ingredients and seeking to revindicate Colombian beef, Don Diablo is Medellin’s premiere steakhouse offering 100% Colombian dry-aged, grass-fed beef and heritage pork.

Fun-dining is born in Bar X.O. from the creators of X.O. with dishes inspired in Colombian flavors and a curated wine list and craft cocktail program.

A unique experience inspired by Asian cuisine and interpreted with local product and responsibly sourced fish from Colombia’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Sushi Bar’s omakase menu uses traditional Japanese techniques with Colombian ingredients.

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